about monica

From pop/rock recording artist to jewelry designer and founder of ROCKLUXE®, Monica Matocha, 26,  has been on an incredible and unpredictable adventure. 


Throughout her teens and early 20s, this singer/songwriter was muscling her way to the top of the pop scene and magnetizing fans all over the world. Growing up in a local suburb near Houston, Monica learned the art of assertiveness before many of her peers. She progressed in a very competitive environment winning many regional and national dance competitions that allowed her to become a triple-threat in the entertainment industry. 


In 2007 she experienced her first glimpse of success as the lead singer of a young pop group that caught the eye of Mathew Knowles, of Music World Entertainment and the father of Beyoncé. He signed the group in 2007, and for a brief time they were featured on Radio Disney. 


After the group broke up, Monica took some time away from the stage. It was during this season, she discovered her song writing passion. With her acoustic guitar in hand, she crafted her roller-coaster of emotions into a sound of her own. She and her producer, John Glover (former artist signed to RCA under Ron Fair and Bruce Flohr), turned Monica's home into a recording studio to bring these songs to life; an experience and memory she recalls as unforgettable and a life highlight.    


Her first single "Impostor” debuted on iTunes on November 1, 2011; a momentous occasion and milestone reached to mark a staggering journey that is far from over. Her determination propelled her single “Impostor” into the top 75 on the US Mediabase Pop Charts and #3 on the Independent Artists/New Releases chart three months after the release. In addition, Monica snagged “Best Female Vocals” and “Best Pop Artist” at the Houston Press Music Awards winning every category she was nominated in.


While Monica's captivating energy and the subtle brilliance of her songs won fans over, her rocker chic style and statement jewelry started a craze of its own! It didn’t take long for her fans to identify her by the edgy fashion, excessive layers of necklaces, wrists full of bracelets, and rings on every finger; typically a combination of pieces she made and vintage finds. Fans and friends were always commenting on the jewelry, wanting it for themselves. Their adoration and excitement quickly inspired Monica and her Mom, Karen, to make their creations available and thus the birth of ROCKLUXE®


Although Monica’s first love is music, the popularity of ROCKLUXE demands she shift her focus. Monica has spent the last several years living and breathing ROCKLUXE. From the business side to the creative side, she excels at directing every aspect and loves every moment of it. 


Monica’s relentless perseverance impresses everyone she meets in both her music and jewelry endeavors. When asked about her future with music, Monica isn’t ruling anything out. 


The passion and determination Monica constantly exerts can be attributed to her life verse from Steven Furtick’s book, Sun Stand Still: “If no one has laughed at the size of your dream lately… you are not dreaming big enough.” 

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